Paris Air Show day one – MAX 10 launch

Paris Air Show day one – MAX 10 launch

The Paris Air Show kicked off this year with a bang, with Boeing officially launching the 737 MAX 10; the fourth and probably final aircraft of the manufacturer’s MAX line up.

The MAX 10 adds a couple of extra feet and seats over the MAX 9, supporting 188 in two-classes and a 230 single-class low-cost layout compared to the 220 offered by the MAX 9. The aircraft is looking to enter service in 2020.

Boeing has already announced an extremely impressive 240 firm orders, topping pre-Paris estimations. The entire MAX series has received almost 3,700 orders. The A320neo on its own has 8,316 orders.

Lessors are also out in force buying other aircraft types. ALAFCO committed to buy 20 737 MAX 8s, AerCap ordered 30 787-9 Dreamliners and Tibet Financial Leasing ordered 20 MAX 8 and MAX 10s.

Credit is due to Dr Stuart Hatcher, chief intelligence officer at IBA Group, who predicted this in an email to us last week.

“Given the sale leaseback market is so overheated, I think there will be a lot of smaller lessors stepping up and buying new aircraft. A large number could be CEO/NGs with the option to upgrade to NEO/MAXs nearer delivery,” said Hatcher.

“So far this year only a handful of orders have been received from lessors for small quantities that are likely to be firming up of previously placed options. There is still a significant number of undisclosed orders for both OEMs too that could make an appearance – but it would be difficult to get too excited if these were announced.”

Alex Baldwin
By Alex Baldwin June 19, 2017 16:49