Boeing wins Paris pen signing contest

Boeing wins Paris pen signing contest

Writing about orders at airshows always feels a bit like being a Royal correspondent in a modern democracy. Both rely on ceremonies– monarchs put on crowns, OEMs hold hands and aircraft models with customers – and the pomp attempts to add a veneer of importance that is not really there – the British Queen does not really get to decide laws, airlines do not really order aircraft at airshows.

But many people care deeply about both. So, for those that do, Boeing this year took its first “victory” at the Paris or Farnborough Airshow for five years. The US OEM ceremonially signed orders and expressions of interest for 571 aircraft worth (these are list prices) $74.8 billion. Airbus arranged photo opportunities for 326 aircraft worth $40 billion. In total the two signed orders for $114.8 billion. This is more than the $50 billion at Farnborough. Airbus is arguing that many of the Boeing Max 10 orders are conversions so should not count.

Apologies for missing out the other OEMs but this already feels like writing about the Queen wearing a hat rather than a crown yesterday.

Qatar Airways also launched a new advertising campaign titled “No Borders, Only Horizons.” If only its neighbours agreed.

Alasdair Whyte
By Alasdair Whyte June 23, 2017 11:39