BA Strikes Back

BA Strikes Back

British Airways is facing a 16-day crew strike starting tomorrow. BA is looking to wet lease nine Qatar A320s as cover during the strike.

The airline applied to the Civil Aviation Authority to wet lease the aircraft between 1-16 July, with an additional period up to two months.

The lease will allow the British flag carrier to “continue passenger operations in light of planned operational disruption by its Mixed Fleet cabin crew”, according to the CAA record. Most flights to and from Heathrow will operate as normal.

This looks like a good idea. It will also allow Qatar Airways to fly underutilised aircraft resulting from the country’s diplomatic issues with the surrounding Gulf states and allow BA to run a fuller schedule through the strike period.

Qatar Airways currently owns 20% of IAG’s shares, making it the biggest shareholder and is continuing to expand its influence. Qatar Airways already owns major stakes in LATAM and is looking to buy 10% of American, with a starting bid for a 4.75% stake.

British Airways’ Mixed Fleet crew are striking due to an ongoing pay dispute. The strike was arranged by Unite, the UK’s biggest trade union.

A number of flights have already been cancelled in the lead up to the walk-out. Losing flights means losing money, something British Airways cannot really afford to do after losing £80 million from the collapse of its IT infrastructure last month.

Alex Baldwin
By Alex Baldwin June 30, 2017 14:00