Fly Leasing purchases four Aircraft

Fly Leasing purchases four Aircraft

Fly Leasing has purchased four new aircraft, including one new Boeing 737 MAX 8 and a 787 Dreamliner.

The MAX 8 will be placed on a 12 year lease to an undisclosed Asian carrier and the 787 will be similarly placed on a 12 year lease with an undisclosed European Airline.

The lessor also acquired a new Boeing 737-800 and one Airbus A320-200, on a 10 year lease to a European flag carrier and a 12 year lease to an Asian airline respectively.

Colm Barrington, CEO of FLY said: “We continue to find attractive deals to grow our fleet with top quality aircraft on long leases to leading airlines. We are thrilled to have added our first new generation 737 MAX 8 to the fleet and to have added our fifth 787.

“We also continue to add to our growing number of 737-800s and A320s, which are the most in-demand commercial narrowbody aircraft. Our pipeline of deals is strong and we look forward to announcing more acquisitions in the near future.”

Fly’s portfolio currently sits at 76 owned and managed aircraft with an average age of 6.2 years. B737s comprise half of that portfolio.

Alex Baldwin
By Alex Baldwin July 11, 2017 12:27