Dublin Aerospace assists Avolon overhauls and transactions

Dublin Aerospace assists Avolon overhauls and transactions

Irish lessor Avolon has signed two separate agreements with Dublin Aerospace for the overhaul of two of its Airbus A330s and to handle the leasing of two A320s.

The A330s will receive a full overhaul and cabin modification during summer 2017 as part of the agreement.

Kevin Wall, CCO of Dublin Aerospace said: “It is an absolute pleasure to work with one of the world’s leading leasing firms, and we are delighted with their decision to trust their valuable assets with Dublin Aerospace to perform the necessary work to ready the aircraft for their new customers.

“We have a long tradition of dealing with the leading leasing firms based not just in Ireland, but further afield also. Our dedicated staff know the time constraints and standards that the leasing firms expect and we have gained their trust to deliver these projects on time and within budget.”

Dublin Aerospace are also scheduling the lease of the A320s this summer and are looking to have the aircraft placed with a customer this August.

Melvin Kelly, technical director, Avolon said: “Lease transitions are a crucial part of our operation. That’s why we like to work hand in hand with Dublin Aerospace to provide the best product for our clients.”

Alex Baldwin
By Alex Baldwin July 12, 2017 13:53