ALC lease six A3210neoLRs to Air Arabia

ALC lease six A3210neoLRs to Air Arabia

Air Lease Corporation (ALC) has agreed to lease six Airbus A321neoLRs to Air Arabia. The aircraft will come from ALC’s existing Airbus orderbook.

The first aircraft is due to join the Sharjah-based fleet of Air Arabia in 2019, allowing the airline to begin flights to longer range destinations than it currently serves.

The lease was announced during the 2017 Dubai Air Show.

“We continue to witness growth in passenger traffic across our hubs and remain focused on our business model and mission to provide affordable fare and value for money to passengers,” said Adel Al Ali, group CEO of Air Arabia. “The addition of A321neo Long Range aircraft allows us to expand our service to longer range destinations and helps offer more flexibility in our existing high density routes. We look forward to receiving the new aircraft in 2019 as we continue to offer our customers an excellent product with more destinations to discover.”

Air Arabia currently operates a fleet of just over 50 A320s. The new A321neoLRs will be based at five different Air Arabia hubs in the UAE, Morocco, Egypt and Jordan.

“We operate our business on a global basis, providing aircraft to airline customers in every major geographical region. And, as the fastest growing aviation market in the world, the Middle East region remains one of our key markets,” said Alex Khatibi, executive vice president of ALC. “We are pleased to sign this lease agreement with Air Arabia supporting their ambitious growth plans. The A321neo Long Range will complement the carrier’s existing fleet and support its vision to expand into new markets,”

Alud Davies
By Alud Davies November 16, 2017 14:52