Stellwagen Group appoints two new executives

Stellwagen Group appoints two new executives

Dublin-based aviation services provider Stellwagen Group is looking to boost its investment banking arm with two new senior appointments.

Scott Corman (pictured left) has been appointed CEO of the Group’s aviation finance firm Stellwagen Capital, effective immediately. David Butler will become the Group’s COO in October, replacing Howard Miller, who intends to leave the Group shortly.

Corman joined Stellwagen Group as executive managing director of ECN Capital, which was acquired by Stellwagen in May this year. Before that, he was head of the transportation asset finance team at Credit Suisse AG for 13 years.

Corman was bought in to innovate the firm’s financing solutions. He is looking to take advantage of institutional investors’ requirement stable yield and low correlation financing.

Stellwagen Group’s founder and CEO, Douglas Brennan said: “Scott’s structured finance expertise and David’s innovative management practices position us to seize these sizable opportunities and solidify our strong position in the marketplace. They will also play key roles in accelerating our integration of the aviation advisory and asset management business we acquired from ECN Capital.”

Butler previously worked for Bemudan mobile network provider Digicel Group as CEO of the group’s Jamaica, Panama and Fiji businesses. The company saw exponential growth in several regions under his leadership.

According to Brennan, Butler was bought into the group to replicate the growth he has achieved at Digicel.

Brennan said: “David has an impressive track record of growing businesses. By positioning him to drive operations and focus on strategic opportunities, we will bring tremendous enhancements and efficiencies to the Group’s structure. From helping to streamline reporting lines to freeing up other team members for business development and client management, we view the addition of David as an invaluable growth catalyst.”

“Strategic opportunities”

Speaking to Aircraft Investor, Brennan said Stellwagen has been looking to transform itself from a transactional business to a company with a solid asset base. This is where the acquisition of ECN came in: the group has handled a large variety of aviation and rail financings, including a $1.5 billion asset-backed security (ABS), and owns more than $4.9 billion in assets.

According to Brennan, Stellwagen is looking to launch its second and third ABS over the next few years, aiming to have more than $5 billion in assets.

“Demand for innovative financing solutions continues to increase alongside institutional investors’ appetite for alternative investments that offer stable yield and low correlation to traditional asset classes,” he said.

Alex Baldwin
By Alex Baldwin September 11, 2017 12:46