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Our team

Our team has more than 35 years experience in aviation finance and more than 50 years in journalism and event organisation.

We want to give you new insights into your industry.

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Louisa Jones Whyte, managing director


Louisa Jones Whyte started working in conferences in 2000 for a large financial events and publishing company. She started focusing on aircraft finance in 2001. Louisa ran and grew established airfinance events in New York, Dublin, Hong Kong and Shanghai/Beijing as well as launching events in Dubai, Delhi, Rio de Janeiro, Moscow and Sydney.

In 2010 she launched Corporate Jet Investor and Helicopter Investor, which runs leading conferences in London, Dubai, Singapore and Miami.

What do you do at Aircraft Investor?
I take overall responsibility for everything. This can include fun things like setting the overall strategy, hiring, managing staff and choosing glamorous locations for events to much less fun things like making sure the VAT return is filed and worrying about minor things.

What was your best day at work?
There have been lots. One of them was when we moved a European Aircraft Finance Conference from the Jury’s Hotel to The Four Seasons. We had 400+ very happy people and great speakers.

Our Corporate Jet Investor and Helicopter Investor conferences have also been really fun. They have been great to run on the day and it is great getting feedback afterwards.

What is the best part of your job?
I started my career in events and I still really enjoy running conferences.

What is different about Aircraft Investor?
That is really something for you to decide. We really care about the industry and have a strong track record in supporting it. As well as journalism we were part of the team that launched leading events in Hong Kong, Beijing, Moscow, Sydney, Dubai, Rio and others. We helped launch what has now become Dublin week. But we also have our own way of doing things and will not be going head-to-head.

Contact: ljw@aircraftinvestor.com

Alasdair Whyte, editorial director


A financial journalist since 1998, Alasdair edited and published a leading print publication covering aircraft finance for more than 10 years and was also involved heavily involved in the magazine’s airfinance conferences.

Commercial aircraft finance scoops include the acquisition of Genesis by AerCap (raising the Genesis shareprice by 40% in a few hours), the launch of Avolon and many others.

Alasdair is also editor-in-chief for Corporate Jet Investor and Helicopter Investor. In total he has edited nine magazines before launching Aircraft Investor. Six of these have covered aircraft, five have had the word investor in the title, and three had the word finance.

What do you do at Aircraft Investor?

I love talking with people and also trying to understand complex markets. I ran the leading print magazine for aircraft finance for more than 10 years before leaving to launch new products in the business jet, helicopter, superyacht and art markets. I am really excited to be back in the commercial aircraft market. Especially since so many friends who asked us to come back.

I love interviewing and writing. There is a phenomenal feeling when you get a scoop and also it is great when something you are confused about suddenly makes sense.

I also really enjoy moderating conferences. My (admittedly weak) claim to fame is moderating more than 100 conferences in over 20 countries. It is amazing how far you can push your luck when chairing. But I also think attendees – who have often paid significant amounts – appreciate it when speakers are held to account.

What do you not like about your job?
I am really bad at organising myself and this really annoys me. It is very frustrating. I have lots of ideas that never happen.

You cover business jets, helicopters, yachts, arts and commercial – which is your favourite market?
Like children, I love them all. I am also blessed with a fantastic team of colleagues who chase everything that happens in each market. We want to support markets and help them grow.

Contact: aw@aircraftinvestor.com

Alud Davies, chief analyst and senior editor


What is your favorite commercial aircraft?

The MD-11 is without doubt one of the best looking aircraft out there, so it is a shaame that the only ones still flying are freighters. I had the pleasure of flying on one between Sao Paulo and Buenos Aries back in 2004. It was a fairly short hop, and we were lightly loaded, so we took off like a rocket!

However, if we’re talking about current in-production aircraft, it has got to be the A330.

Is it true you that you do not like flying?

I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I don’t like flying. I have however seen far too many Air Crash Investigations and read far too many accident reports, so would class myself as a slightly nervous flyer.

Having said that, I fly a lot and I am always prepared to travel for a story.

Contact: alud@aircraftinvestor.com

 Rebecca Pearson, business development manager 


Rebecca is responsible for all conference sponsorship and online advertising for Corporate Jet Investor, Helicopter Investor, Aircraft Investor and Superyacht Investor. She joined the team in August 2014 as a research temp, became our conference manager for Corporate Jet Investor soon after, and then helped launch Superyacht Investor a year later. We can’t get rid of her. Or rather she can’t get rid of us.

Contact: rebecca@aircraftinvestor.com

Ivié Aderibigbe, marketing manager

Ivié graduated from university in 2014 and has since been working in marketing. She joined Corporate Jet Investor in June 2015, having completed a short assignment in the marketing depart of the London Zoo.

As well as arranging all of the company’s marketing activities, Ivié quickly took it upon herself to answer all inbound calls to the office. She’s also our resident KitKat eating etiquette expert.

Rebecca Hawkins, conference manager – content


Rebecca started working for Corporate Jet Investor & Helicopter Investor – Aircraft Investors sister publications – in June 2014, she is responsible for inviting speakers to the conferences.

As well as helping with events across all our publications, Rebecca works with our creative team to help design all our promotional and marketing materials.

Contact: rhawkins@aircraftinvestor.com


Alex Baldwin, Reporter

Alex is the first of the new team to join during 2017. Previously he worked on tech and utilities publications, but his interest in aviation made him the perfect fit for us.


Darcey Whyte, office dog


What is your role?
General administration with some health and safety.

How does a dog get involved in Health and Safety?
Before I started, there were cables all over the office. This was dangerous so I drew attention to the problem by regularly chewing them. Now they are all tidy.

What issues in aviation finance do you find most interesting?
At the moment I think the biggest question is how Basel III will change the market? Basel II was hugely positive to aircraft finance but Basel III is not. We are starting to see the effects of it.

I am also very interested in rabbits.

Aircraft Investor Staff
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