Delta’s Documentary

Delta’s Documentary

Delta has a fleet of more than 800 aircraft flying to 59 airports on six continents. It has more than 80,000 employees worldwide. A large number of them appear in its new 15-minute video rallying its employees to rise up against Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways. (Qatar Airways may not have helped itself when it decided to buy a stake in American).

If you have 15 spare minutes, the video is slick, entertaining and has a great soundtrack. Unfortunately, there is no longer an Academy Award for propaganda (it was stopped when PwC accidently gave it to the wrong film in 1945).

Delta’s video comes at a time when the US has an administration that is keen to protect US companies. But a better argument would be freeing up outdated ownership rules allowing US carriers to truly be global.

Akbar al-Baker, chief executive of Qatar Airways, is probably too busy to watch the video. He was in Dublin yesterday launching a new route and confirming that Qatar will buy 4.75% of American. This is despite American asking them not to.

“My dear friend Doug Parker, a big supporter of oneworld is now frightened of a oneworld carrier wanting to take a stake,” said al-Baker (who should have his own reality show).

Reuters reports that he made repeated digs at US airlines saying they wanted to keep Gulf airlines out of the US market so American carriers could “swindle their customers.”

With diplomatic skills like these, surely Qatar should be asking him to lead negotiations with Saudi Arabia and the UAE?

Alasdair Whyte
By Alasdair Whyte July 7, 2017 17:47