GA Telesis launches $500 million fund

GA Telesis launches $500 million fund

Lessor and MRO firm GA Telesis has raised $500 million to be used as an aviation investment vehicle for institutional and private clients.

The funding was sourced from Wafra Capital Partners, who will be advising clients on the aircraft and engine investment opportunities.

GA Telesis Aviation Investments 2 (GAIN 2) will be managed by GA Telesis Capital Management, bringing the company’s total investment capacity to $2 billion.

GAIN 1 was launched in 2014 and has exceeded expectations on a broad range of investments in commercial aircraft and engine leases, according to GE Telesis. Almost all of the financing has been harvested.

“We achieved a significant realized return for WCP Inc. in the original GAIN vehicle,” commented GA Telesis CEO Abdol Moabery. “We are pleased to be WCP’s ongoing strategic aviation investment partner with the launch of GAIN 2, and this is yet another affirmation of GA Telesis’ ability to raise capital and deliver on an impressive record of identifying and managing aviation investments.”

GAIN 2 will expand on its asset base and extend its reach to airport infrastructure equipment and new generation component inventories.

Alex Baldwin
By Alex Baldwin August 11, 2017 13:36